Blue and Gold Banquet

by admin on February 19, 2011

WOW!  Our Pack just had a fantastic Blue and Gold Banquet for our Cub Scout PackWarning – this is going to be a long post but a lot of FUN!  If you didn’t know I am a Cub Scout Den Leader for the Bears.  The theme for our Blue and Gold Banquet was Resourcefulness. So we decided to plan a SURVIVOR Blue and Gold Banquet.   So here are some of the ideas for our Blue and Gold dinner.  And we were resourceful.

Invitations: We used empty water bottles and added small shells, rocks and sea glass.  Printed out an invitation on paper and tore the edges to look old.  Rolled up the paper and slid it into the water bottle.  Tied on some twine and we were done.  They boys enjoyed the whole process and delivering the invitations too.  We counted this as service for their Square Knot Award and Achievement 18 D.

Decorations: We used our plants and trees from home.  We added baskets, hats, shells, stuffed jungle animals, tent, fake fire pit, nets, and decorations from past parties.  So I don’t think we spent any money on our decorations.  And the the traditional plastic table clothes were from our past cub scout events.

Centerpieces: Our cubmaster came up with a great idea.  He gave each scout a paper sack with items to create something Resourceful that you would use to survive if your were on an island.  The boys brought their designs and we used them as the Blue and Gold Dinner Centerpieces. The cub scouts were so proud of their ideas.  After dinner each boy explained what they created.  We used a microphone so we could all hear them.

Opening Activity:  One each table was a pile of fabric strips for head or arm bands.  A small container of face paint and q-tips and a paper with instructions.  Each table was a Survivor Tribe. They had to complete 3  Challenges to earn face stripes.  A physical, mental and tribe challenge. This worked well as families arrived at different times and kept the scouts busy.  They all enjoyed the face paint!  When their tribe was finished they earned their sack of dinner utensils, plates and cups.

Dinner Ideas:  We had pulled barbecue beef sandwiches, an assortment of salads and bags of chips.  For dessert a bowl of ice cream with dirt and a topping of worms was served!

Survivor Challenges: Build a Balloon Tower!  This was quite the challenge.  We split the pack into four teams and gave out about 30 balloons each and some masking tape.  The only rule we gave was that they could not tape the balloons on the floor.  This challenge took a lot of teamwork and resourcefulness. A couple of teams were quite creative!

Cub Scout Mystery Food Challenge: This challenge was so much fun.  We placed different mystery food (candy) on a small plate and covered it with sea foam (whip cream).  Then we had the scouts line up to race to eat the mystery food.  It was a great success!

Clean up: Before we were even finished the older Scouts were waiting to play basketball in the gym.  So clean up was done in a snap with great motivation.  It was a little frantic but we were happy to have extra help.  To make it even more fun a storm was blowing outside.  Snow, Rain and Ice – I thought our artificial tree was going to blow away before my husband got into the car!

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