Summer Reading 2014

by admin on June 9, 2014

I have read a few books this summer.  Some have been winners and others not so much.

I enjoyed reading  “Prayers for Sale” by Sandra Dallas.  There are some wonderful stories in this book – the setting is a small mining town in Colorado during the Great Depression.  Hennie befriends a new young wife and helps her adjust to harsh, mining life.  It amazes me how women that gather together can create strength, trust, love and power to endure and overcome.  I really liked reading this book.  Sandra Dallas has written others books – I also read “Fallen Women” – that was a tough book to read – a horrific murder of the main character’s sister found in a brothel.  And I read “The Bride’s House” while I was in Hawaii – pretty good.  But “Prayers for Sale” is my favorite by Sandra Dallas.

I also just finished reading “Stella Bain” by Anita Shreve.  I really liked this book – the time period is during WWI and the book starts out in France with a woman that wakes up with no memory of who she is or why she is in France.  It is quite an amazing story – the main character has amazing courage and such a drive to find out who she is – and where she belongs.  I believe there is nothing stronger than the love of a mother for . . . .  read this book and you will find out!!

I am making my way through “The Wives of Los Alamos”  It is interesting but not my favorite.  The voice of the book seems too flighty and it makes me wonder did the women really think and act like that?  Were they so self-centered?  But maybe women are that way in their 20-30’s.  I know I was somewhat – so worried about what other people thought of me and my children.

And the best for last!  I am finishing up “The Peacegiver” by James L. Merrell.  Excellent Book!!  My mother-in-law recommended it and said she has read it three times.  It is a wonderful book and helps you see so clearly that we desperately need to truly learn how to forgive others for our own salvation.  And the great power Christ offers to heal.  I need a copy of my own to mark and highlight – and read again and again.

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